Engineering Design

Prototyping, design, custom engineering,

At The Machine Center, we have the engineering support to back up our skilled machinists.

The Machine Center features:

+ 6 staff engineers
+ Standard platform of SolidWorks
+ Extensive AutoCAD capabilities
+ Ability to accept a variety of file extensions
+ Rapid prototyping capabilities
+ Extensive testing capabilities
+ ISO 2008-9001 certification

Our engineering team focuses on delivering cost effective, cutting edge, high-tech solutions for each application. Our design team specializes in quick turn around of custom weld jigs, assembly fixtures, and part checking tools. Using the latest Solidworks platform, our team can take an idea from concept to 3D model overnight. If you are struggling with old fixtures or are trying to determine the best way to hold a new part, let The Machine Center’s engineers design a custom solution for you.

Our engineers also specialize in new product design and prototyping. If you have an idea and need the engineering support to validate your design, our team has the testing facilities and software to provide the data you need. From static load test machines, to dynamo-meters, to Finite Element Analysis, contact The Machine Center’s engineering team to guide you through the final steps of new product development.